Eradication of Malignant Carcinoma in the Breast Tissue


IRB – Double Blind Placebo Controlled Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

60 were enrolled, with an initial diagnoses of Stage I to Stage IV, Malignant Carcinoma in the Breast Tissue.

Each was confirmed by a Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) or Breast Biopsy (BB), and MRI.

Participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups.

1. RaproCell™ Group – 1 packet of RaproCell™ twice daily, and dietary changes

2. Placebo Group – Took Placebo

3. Control Group – Took Nothing

No patient received surgery, chemo or radiation before or during the Clinical Trial.  

Group 1 - RaproCell™ Group

19 of the 20 patients experienced positive results. Decreased tumor size months 3 to 9. No discernible tumor at the end of 12 months.

Group 2 - Placebo Group

1 patient experienced tumor shrinkage during the 12 month period, 5 showed signs of no change. 15 experienced tumor enlargement. At 6 months the 15 unresponsive patients removed from of the clinical trial.

Group 3 - Control Group

No Treatment. No positive signs. All participants removed from Study by the end of month 4.

The patients using RaproCell™ reported on the positive experience of drinking two glasses daily, as opposed to suffering the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Breast Clinical Trial Results

in conjunction with Chemo and Radiation

GroupStageClear GroupStageOutGroupStageOut
# 11C # 21O # 31O
3C 3O 3O
 2C 4O 4O
 2C 4O 2O
 3C 3O 2O
 4C 3O 1O
 1C 1O 3O
 4C 2O 1O
 4C 2O 1O
 2C 3O 1O
 1C 2O 2O
 1C 1C 2O
 1C 1O 2O
 3Out 2O 1O
 2C 2O 3O
 2C 1O 1O
 3C 3O 4O
 2C 1O 4O

RaproCell dramatically reduces CA15-3 levels in breast cancer patients

RaproCell dramatically reduces CEA levels in breast cancer patients