RaproCell™ is a professional formula scientifically designed to restore essential nutrients lost due to stress, aging, and disease. This therapeutic formula contains 70 vitamins & minerals, 32 herbs, and 16 enzymes & phytonutrients and, when used as adjunct therapy for certain diseases, is proving to greatly reduce negative side-effects and patient suffering. Unlike common, over-the-counter multivitamins, the higher potency and proprietary ingredients in RaproCell™ offer greater nutritional benefits. Please take time to view the data linked to the Clinical Trials button below.

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ATP: How It Works

EVERY CANCER CELL HAS ONE THING IN COMMON... ATP Consumption (Adenosine TriPhosphate)

What is ATP?

> ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy currency of the cell
> ATP transfers energy from chemical bonds to endergonic (energy absorbing) reactions within the cell
> Structurally, ATP consists of the adenine nucleotide

  • Ribose Sugar
  • Adenine Base
  • Phosphate Group
  • Calcium Phosphate (po4)2
  • Plus two other phosphate groups

> In non-technical terms, ATP is the energy source for cellular division

ATP and Cancer Cells

ATP inhibition in cancer cells is similar to gasoline consumption in automobiles.

> Cancer cells can be considered gas guzzling SUV’s.

> Normal cells are like fuel efficient hybrid cars.

> Using the same amount of gas the SUV will become immobile, while the hybrid car keeps on running.

Cells operate similarly

> Regular cells can operate and reproduce on limited ATP.

> Cancer cells require a lot of ATP to reproduce rapidly – they cannot survive a reduction of ATP, or they will die.

Inhibit ATP Uptake by Cancer Cells

Acetogens are a type of bacteria that have the ability to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) into acetate, a process known as "acetogenesis." This process consumes hydrogen, and thus can be used to inhibit ATP uptake by cancer cells, particularly those that have high levels of glucose uptake and lactate production (a process known as the Warburg effect), which is often observed in cancer cells.

Researchers have used acetogens as a way to "starve" cancer cells of energy by consuming the hydrogen that they need to produce ATP. Acetogens can be introduced into the body as nutraceuticals to target cancer cells and inhibit their growth and proliferation.