Collection: QRS 101 Home System - PEMF

From the MIR Space Station to the MARS Space Program, from the NBA to the Olympics, from the Vatican Hospital to the most prestigious Medical Clinics and International Antiageing Spas, the famous Quantron Resonance System is the premier pulsed electromagnetic field system of choice, preferred by more Astronauts, Professional Athletes, Healthcare Practitioners, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Health Spas over any other system.

In the Professional SPORTS World, more top professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, Olympics, and the Tour de France use the QRS over any other brand.

"When it comes to tissue healing and recovery, I have seen a 50% to 70% reduction in healing time and more for an assortment of soft tissue and groin injuries and all sorts of orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries. I have seen wound healing at an incredible rate...75% quicker healing than just the normal standard protocol stuff."

"I think the QRS is a great adjunct to supplements. I give players certain supplements and what I am seeing is a greater response to them. I am seeing colds, flus, and just overall body things respond a whole lot quicker. The QRS is not just a get rid of the pain device. It is a BODY MAGNIFIER. It gets the body going into its normal healing state and helps the body find more of an equilibrium."

Arnie Kander
Strength and Conditioning Coach for Professional Athletes

What Sets QRS Apart from other PEMF Systems?

1) ORIGINAL: QRS is the original PEMF mat system first produced in 1990. Our competitors came many years later. The foundations for the QRS go back to the research work of Dr. Robert O. Becker using DC fields to regenerate tissue. There have been six revisions to the QRS 101 Homesystem. The product is presently manufactured by Siemens Medical in Germany. None of our competitors have the production quality that a company like Siemens can provide. 5 year manufacturer's warranty. 6 month return policy.

2) SIGNAL: The e-function QRS signal sets the QRS apart from the rest. The e-function QRS signal is so effective that 57 lawsuits have been fought to defend the patented QRS signal from being used by our competition. Without the e-function QRS signal, competing devices are much less effective. The competition doesn't have a chance.

3) FREQUENCY RANGE: The QRS signal ranges from .1Hz to 10,000Hz. Our competition only reaches 33Hz.

4) RESEARCH: There are over 200 research papers using the QRS device. When looking at our competition, often times there is absolutely no research. Our competitors will site the research done with the QRS insinuating that all PEMF devices give the same results. This is incorrect. Ask to see the research papers done with the device you have under consideration. If the company can't show you research using their device, move on. The reaon is that their device is not that effective.

5) ADVANCED FUNCTIONALTIY: The QRS 101 Homesystem has the ability to program 2 sessions that can come on every 24 hours using any applicator that you choose. This means that a total of 3 hours of treatment could be achieved while you are sleeping. Example: Fall asleep on the QRS Mat at 9 PM. At 2 AM the QRS Pillow treats your injured back. At 6 AM the full body QRS Mat awakens you using the Vital Intensive setting. With an additional full body QRS mat, only one QRS device is needed for two people with this advanced capability not found in competing devices.

The QRS 101 Homesystem also has the ability to take a key card programmed from the professional QRS Mediline. Using the patients health parameters a customized treatment series can be created and programmed onto this card for a particular diagnosis. Given to the patient, the card can be taken home and inserted into the QRS 101 Homesystem. This gives the QRS 101 the ability to run programs specific to a patients diagnosis.

6) MOBILE: The QRS 201 Mobile is a portable QRS that runs from a Lithium ion battery. It has a biofeedback function that detects what program the user needs. All 5 applicators that work with the QRS 101 Homesystem also plug into the QRS 201 Mobile giving you the ability to treat yourself anywhere.

7) APPLICATORS: QRS has magnetic therapy QRS Glasses for eye issues and magnetic therapy QRS Headphones for ear issues. None of our competitors have these applicators.

In 2000, QRS began using advanced "magnetic mesh" technology instead of the antiquated magnetic coil technology used by our competitors. Using coils between foam makes for a thicker pad that is heavier, bulkier, less pliable, and less durable. Snap a single wire anywhere in the coil and the pad or mat becomes worthless. Wire coils are 100 year old school technology weighing 3x more than our "magnetic mesh" technology and being far less durable. Wire coils are not bendable or foldable. Our "magnetic mesh" technology addresses all of these concerns.

QRS incoporates LED indicators into the end of the QRS Probe, QRS Mat, and QRS Pillow. An LED indicator on the actual applicator is far more trustworthy than an indicator on the console. None of our competitors have the indicator on the applicator.

8) QRS AVANCED CONNECTORS: The QRS is the only device of its kind to use a 15 pin parallel type connector. The 15 pin connector carries far more information than the "single pin" 1/4 inch connectors used by all of our competition. Our 15 pin parallel type connector allows the QRS to do things that our competition cannot do.

PLUG IN ANYWHERE: You can plug in any of the 5 QRS applicators (Magnetic Therapy Glasses/Goggles, Magnetic Therapy Headphones, Pen/Probe, Pillow Pad, and Full Body Mat) into any port on the QRS controller because the QRS recognizes each applicator individually. Our competition requires you to plug each of their 3 applicators (Pen, Pillow Pad, Full Body Mat) into a specific port. This indicates a limited primitive circuit board design.

PROGRAMMING: Programming a particular applicator to turn on at a specific time every 24 hours is enabled by the QRS Advanced Connector. Only with a controller that is able to recognize what is plugged into it can you request that one of the 5 applicators turns on at a specific time. The QRS controller is very smart. The competition is "challenged" so to speak!

LED indicators on the end of the QRS Probe/Pen, QRS Mat, and QRS Pillow are powered through the QRS Advanced Connector. A "single pin" 1/4 inch connector is unable to provide energy to the LED on the applicator.

9) THE EASIEST SYSTEM TO USE: The QRS is by far the easiest system to use eventhough it is far more advanced than the competition. There are only 3 steps to get going.

Step 1 - Choose your Waveform - Relax, Basis, or Vital

Step 2 - Choose your Time - 8, 16, or 24 minutes (adjustable from 1 minute to 60 minutes)

Step 3 - Choose the Intensity - Sensitive, Medium, or Intensive (adjustable from Sensistive=.5 to Intensive=10 for a total of 11 Power Settings)

If you are using the same settings as your previous session, there is only 1 step - Press Start.

10) ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: QRS technology can be found in the Pelvicenter, Mediline, and Spa Chair which means QRS makes much more than just a Homesystem with a Mat, Pillow, and Probe. Yes, QRS is not only the original but continues to innovate bringing european medical advancements to a spa, clinic, or hospital near you.